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That day when you steam in the banya, you do not grow old!


Rejuvenate your body & soul


For thousands of years, saunas have been used to experience the unique health benefits.


Visiting the sauna is the perfect way to relax after a long day or week at work.


Relaxation massage and a variety of Swedish Massage techniques.

About Oak Leaf European Spa

Experience the European Spa “OAK LEAF”  which is a unique sauna club in Calgary, Canada. We are pleased to present both Slavic and Scandinavian culture through this social recreational facility which is currently the only such club in Western Canada.

Our European sauna in Calgary offers the famous Slavic Banya — a wet sauna with cedar wall siding and healthy aromatherapy featuring oak or birch leaves, oak & birch venik massage within the wet sauna.

The Calgary Sauna Experience

The next experience is “ice hole”, whirlpool, “beach pebbles” for foot acupuncture. Complete your experience in our cozy resting area themed with the style of a hunting house, with food and tea. Challenge yourself to chess games or complete your visit with an appointment with one of our Certified Spa Massage Practitioner.

Our Banya or Slavic / Scandinavian sauna experience is geared to provide relief for patients who have suffered car accidents with neck and lower back pain or from degenerative joint disease. A massage with venik inside the sauna is recognized and powerful physiotherapy that is effective and natural. Only at our facility, you will experience an ancient and effective time-proven method of nursing your painful joints. 

Our Sauna


The classic European Sauna. We turn On The Sauna Heater 3 Hours before you arrive to ensure proper heat for maximum enjoyment.

Cold Plunge

Submerge yourself into our custom-built cold plunge barrel after exiting the sauna to activate your body’s senses for maximum health benefit.


Between the sauna and cold plunge, you may relax in our lounge. Chat with friends, listen to music, and enjoy fresh filtered water and hot tea.

Your Safety In Mind

Oak Leaf is the only Calgary sauna that is protected using FN Nano Technology.  This technology cleans and protects our sauna against viruses, bacteria, allergens, and mold.

We keep you safe from COVID-19 and want to ensure that you have the best possible experience at our Banya!


Certified Spa Massage Practitioner

Relaxation massage and a variety of Swedish Massage techniques

The only place that I know in Calgary if you would like a real sauna, with the right kind of really warm temperature like in Europe. The first time I came the other people in the sauna were welcoming and helpful. And since then I look forward to this friendly atmosphere each time I come. When you step through the front door you enter another world that feels like a wood cabin out in the woods. I highly recommend coming here to relax and to regenerate your body.
Elise Ploeg

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It is well known that more than 800 years ago barbaric people who lived on the territory of the modern Europe used Banya with a venik massage for cure of hunters injured by wild animals. For the last centuries that method of treatment is still alive and useful. Banyas, or traditional Russian bathhouses, are an integral part of Russian culture. A banya is a wet sauna with a cedar wall siding and healthy aromatherapy featuring oak or birch leaves, oak & birch venik massage within the wet sauna.

We offer a wide range of services. Please visit our Services page to find out more and come and enjoy the best Calgary sauna experience.

We highly recommend booking an appointment before visiting the Banya (Calgary Sauna).
Due to the fact that “Oak Leaf” club has a limited capacity (at once we can accommodate only 8 visitors) please call ahead and book a session in our club.