About Oak Leaf European Sauna

Our Story!

“Oak Leaf” club is a Calgary European sauna and a unique social recreational facility with a piece of Slavic and Scandinavian culture.

The main treasure of the club is a famous Slavic Banya and a healthy body massage with a venik (oak & birch twigs with leafs).

Historically Banya is the main attribute of the Slavic culture. There are few prominent things in the Slavic culture: Literature, Ballet, Hockey and Banya.

For sure you have heard about classic Russian and Ukrainian literature, you also know about professional Russian ballet and strong Russian hockey but now you will be able to introduce yourself to another piece of the Slavic culture – Banya.

Presently dozens of Slavic/Scandinavian Banya clubs operate across North America and all of them in the short period of time have become very popular not only for immigrants from the former Soviet Union but for Canadians as well (especially for immigrants from Finland, Sweden and Baltic countries, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy and Holland).

During the visit to our club you will find yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient Rome where rich people enjoyed themselves in the baths and yet a Rome Senate discussed in the baths the war and peace strategy.

In our club you can meet your friends and business partners and spend with them few hours in the environment of clear mind and relaxation. Also you can come here with your partner and spend a wonderful time together in the aura of intimacy and relaxation.

Our club will also have a recreational activity and will help people who experienced car accidents and suffer from arthritis, osteochondrosis, low back & neck pain.

It is well known that more than 800 years ago barbaric people who lived on the territory of the modern Europe used Banya with a venik massage for cure of hunters injured by wild animals. For the last centuries that method of treatment is still alive and useful. It is a really natural and powerful method of physiotherapy which you can get for a much cheaper price.

Due to the fact that the “Oak Leaf” club has a limited capacity (at once we can accommodate only 8 visitors) please call ahead and book your session in our club.