Veniks (Sauna Massage Whisks with Leaves) & Sauna

Venik (sauna massage whisks with leaves) is the main treasure of our Banya and for a long period of time veniks have been cultivated from different kinds of trees.

Veniks have to be cut only in the clean environmental areas and at a specific time of the year (from the beginning of June when leaves are strong enough and not later than June 25). The most popular and healthy are veniks from oak, birch, linden, and eucalyptus. Different kinds of veniks are used for different health problems.

Venik from oak leaves:

Is recommended for people with oily skin. It helps to reduce fatty acids in skin and makes the skin more elastic. It also provides anti inflammatory effect. Due to the fact that oak leaves are rich with tannin they have been also used from the ancient times for reducing a high sweating of feet and hands. It is well known that aromatherapy with oak leaves prevents a high blood pressure in the sauna.

Venik from birch leaves:

Aids to decrease pain in muscles and joints, useful for treating skin acnes (seborrhoea), makes the healing faster, provides a sedative effect and increases the mood. It also helps to dilate small bronchus and to clear them off the mucus, normalizes their drainage function and lungs ventilation which brings significant release for people with asthma. Birch leaves decoction is beneficial for hair growth and reduces dandruff.

Venik from linden leaves:

Is used to fight a headache and cold symptoms, also stimulates wound healing and famous as a good natural diuretic.

Venik from eucalyptus leaves:

Is very popular in Caucasian countries. Aromatherapy with eucalyptus leaves provides significant relief for people with sneezing, sinusitis and cold symptoms.