Like frequenter of Moscow’s Izmailovsky Baths with 15 years experience, I’m very happy unveiling European sauna Club "OAK LEAF" in Calgary. With Igor's and Tatiana's enthusiasm and welcoming I'm feeling a real Russian bath here in the Wild Wild West of Canada. Especially I recommend trying massage inside the steam room with venik. It's amazing for Canadians! Come and you wouldn't be regret for it. Light steam will be ensured.
Alexander B.
I have not been in a real Russian Banya for about last eight years (from the time I immigrated to Canada from Moscow) and I really missed it. It is wonderful that European club “Oak Leaf” has been opened in Calgary with a service of Russian Banya. I use to go there on the regular basis ones in a week and it is the only place where I am getting rest, health and freshness. Also the price $20 for 2h30m is cheaper than in Moscow.
Alexander F.
European Club "Oak Leaf" provides excellent level of service and its unique atmosphere combined with a healthy approach to lifestyle makes it the perfect place where you can spend time with family or your close friends. The club perfectly displays the concept of the "Russian Banya" where after a hard day at work a person can unwind in the hot steam room that is referred to as "Banya" in the Russian culture and get a massage with oak and birch leaves. The club also offers many additional amenities such as rest room with large TV screen, whirlpool, stony path for feet acupuncture, massage therapy by registered massage therapist and if you really want to feel like a real Russian try jumping in the polar bear pool!!! Great place to visit, highly recommend to anyone and everyone.
Alexandra K.
Finally Russian Banya is opened in Calgary. I love the club and use to attend it every Wednesday. Massage with venik in sauna gives me energy and plunging inside the Ice Hole after sauna is a real fun. I always combine Russian Banya with the total body massage. Tatiana, Massage Therapist has a really good massage technique.
Galina K.
It is the only place in the city where I can meet my friends and spend with them few hours in the real cozy atmosphere like it was at home in Ukraine. The sauna (Banya) is excellent and they always offer oak & birch veniks which is cheaper than in Russian stores in Calgary.
Viktor M.
"Oak Leaf" is a first place in Calgary for a unique form of relaxation of your body. Nothing can compare with that. Our family lived in Toronto for a few years and there we regularly visited Russian Banya. Later on we moved to Calgary and my husband & myself were very upset because no Russian Banya existed here. Presently we are really happy since Russian Banya club has been opened in Calgary as well. Banya helps in eliminating toxins from the body and improves blood circulation of joints, skin, muscles and ligaments. That is very important for preventive maintenance of good health and balance in the body. I am sure that participating in this old and famous Russian tradition will be unforgettable for everybody in the introduction to that part of Russian culture".
Svetlana K.
We come to the club for the hot sauna and for couples’ massage. Massage in the room with candles which is given by Igor and Tatiana amazing.
Ivan&Olga K.
Visiting of European club “Oak Leaf” helps me a lot with my low back pain. Massage with oak leaves in Banya is a wonderful remedy.
Svetlana C.

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